Dribblers (Pre-Academy 3 to 4 years)


IFA Dribblers is a unique program for children aged between 3 and 4 years, designed by professional coaches and approved by Occupational Therapists. We have developed a children's football play and development program that offers a series of sessions devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of each child. Activities are designed to improve balance and coordination as well as whole body development through sensory stimulation while reinforcing good social skills in a group play and sports environment.


The Dribbler program is the perfect introduction to the fun world of sport. Children are introduced to the basics of football (dribbling, shooting etc.) in a play-oriented yet structured format, using child-friendly equipment and games. 


We build on the fundamental movement skills and football basics learnt in a fun yet structured program with the ultimate goal of encouraging independent participation and graduation into the IFA Academy program.